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  • FAQs – LATICRETE® Hydro Ban®

  • 1. What is LATICRETE® Hydro ban?
    LATICRETE® Hydroban is latex based under tile water proofing membrane which has high flexibility, crack bridging ability and high load bearing capacity
    2. What is the pack size of LATICRETE® Hydro ban?
    There are two pack sizes available: 5 Kg and 20 Kg.
    3. Where can I use this water proofing membrane?
    You can use LATICRETE® Hydroban for internal

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    and external wet areas like residential, commercial, Industrial floors and walls, swimming pools, Jacuzzi, sauna, wet areas, wash rooms, kitchens and water bodies, to install under ceramic / vitrified/ glass mosaic tiles and engineered marble/quartz stones, natural stones etc. One can use Hydroban membrane in kitchens, wash rooms, food courts, corridors, halls, bed rooms, swimming pools, and water bodies where the tiles can be installed directly over the membrane.
    4. How much water is to be mixed with Hydroban?
    No water mixing is allowed with Hydroban. It is a single component semi liquid paste which is used directly using a roller or a brush. It can also be applied using a spray machine.
    5. What is preparation to be done before application of LATICRETE® Hydroban?
    The following preparation must be done before application of Hydroban:
    a) Clean the surface of the substrate free of dust and debris with wet cloth or sponge.
    b) Don’t allow water to stand on the surface prior to using Hydroban. Allow the surface to become completely dry.
    c) Check if all the tools and sufficient Hydroban material is available for completion of job without any disturbance.
    d) Cordon off the area and don’t allow any traffic after application of Hydroban.

    6. What are the precautions to be taken while applying Hydroban?
    The following precautions are very important and critical while application of Hydroban:
    a) Check if the surface preparation is done thoroughly. Check all the details of differential elements like GI, PVC pipes coming through the substrate, ceramic fixtures to screed joints, concrete to brick masonry joints etc.
    b) Apply Hydroban on all the above differential element joints ensuring complete closure of the joints.
    c) Do not apply Hydroban on surfaces with moisture or looking wet. Hydroban must be applied only on completely dry surfaces.
    d) If the temperature is too low (Below 12 Degrees Centigrade), use heaters to increase the temperature while installing Hydroban. If the temperature is too high (more than 35 Degrees Centigrade), work during the evening / night / early morning to get best results.
    e) Don’t use putty blades for application of Hydroban One can use a flat side of trowel for application of Hydroban
    f) Don’t allow any other works like plumbing, electrical fittings, plastering, tiling or painting to be done in the water proofing area while applying the Hydroban. Don’t allow any traffic other than people who are working with Hydroban membrane.
    g) Do not apply Hydroban if there are joints in substrate which are more than 3mm width. In case the joints of substrate are more than 3mm in width, use LATICRETE® thin set mortar to fill up the joints before application of Hydroban. Alternatively one can use a fabric roll on such wide joints.
    h) Always use fresh and clean roller/brush/trowel for application of Hydroban.

    7. When can I allow foot traffic on the applied membrane?
    Foot traffic is allowed after 24 hours from the second coat of the Hydroban. Make sure the people don’t wear spiked shoes or any tools which puncture the membrane.
    8. What is the minimum and maximum thickness

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    of Hydroban coating?
    The application of Hydroban must be done at total of 800 microns thickness in 2 coats of application. The best way to get this is to apply 20 Kg of Hydroban on exactly 250 Sft area. DO NOT APPLY IN HIGHER THICKNESSES AS Hydroban may fail at thickness higher than 800 microns.
    9. What are the advantages of Hydroban water proof membrane?
    The biggest advantage of Hydroban is its ability to stick to various materials like steel, PVC, GI, Copper besides concrete and plaster. Hence all the water bodies like bath rooms, swimming pools etc. which have such pipes and fixtures no special care (Fabric roll/silicone sealant) needs to be taken at joints which are a must with other water proofing membranes.
    Hydroban has the ability to bridge future cracks in substrate with its excellent elongation of more than 400%. Tiles and stones can be installed directly on the cured membrane of Hydroban with the help of a thin set adhesive.
    10. Can I use it on buildings, terraces to water proof the structure?
    Hydroban can be used on the terraces and roof tops provided the membrane is covered with tiles using a thin set adhesive after the coating is completed. DO NOT USE HYDROBAN IF THE AREA IS EXPOSED TO SUN LIGHT.
    11. Can I use this product for water proofing of dry wall boards used in wash rooms and wet areas?
    YES. Hydroban is most suited for water proofing the dry wall boards in wet areas and wash rooms. One can install tiles / stones over the membrane directly using a polymer modified / fortified thin set adhesive.
    12. Can I use this membrane for my Green Building project?
    YES. Hydroban is a green building product and can contribute to the LEED points of the project.
    13. When can I do the flood testing for Hydroban?
    Under normal temperature and humidity conditions one can do the flood testing of Hydroban after 24 hours from the time of final coating. In areas where the temperature and humidity conditions vary, one can do the flood testing after 48 hours from the time of completion of the second coating.
    14. Does it require the use of Fabric roll?
    NO. It can be applied directly on all differential elements, joints of dry wall boards, other joints of width up to 3mm. In case the joint width is more than 3 mm in the substrate, then one may have to use a fabric roll.
    15. What is the full cure time of Hydroban?
    Full cure time of Hydroban is 7 days.