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MYK LATICRETE sound proof flooring products are of professional grade and boast of exceptional ease of use, making it quick and easy to address your sound proof flooring needs. What’s more, MYK LATICRETE’s sound proof products achieve low IIC ratings and are backed by unmatched warranties, giving you the assurance of

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an effective and long-lasting sound proof installation.

We offer different sound proofing product configurations to address various application needs. Thick underlayments provide exceptional sound reduction and are known for their anti-fracture benefits to tile and stone applications—an excellent accompanying benefit from sound proofing alone. Specialized applications with sound proof adhesives, are ideal for the sound proof flooring needs of hotels, condominiums, as well as other buildings or applications requiring exceptional sound control and sound proofing.


  • Fast and easy to install with standard tools
  • Can be tiled immediately after installation
  • Eliminates transmission of substrate cracks to the finished floor
  • Provides maximum sound control