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Ready mix plaster Power Plast is polymer modified ready to use Plaster made of selected raw materials, Portland cement and graded fillers. Designed for use with water to produce superior strength, water retaining & self curing plaster that meets and exceeds the requirements of National and International Standards.

  • 40 Kg bag






  • Thickness         POWERPLAST         Coverage
    12 mm                     40 kg                                  18 – 20 sft
    20 mm                     40 kg                                 10 – 12 sft

    We need approx 6-9 ltrs of water for an ideal mix. Adjust the water content depending on the site conditions. Coverage depends on the plumb, evenness of walls and mix consistency

  • Grey

  • •  Superior Strength
    •  Minimum rebound losses
    •  Water retaining & self curing
    •  Improved bond strength, compressive & tensile strength
    •  Easy to use
    •  Fast & Economical

  • Surface Preparation
    All surfaces should be between 40o F(4oC) and 90oF (32oC) and structurally sound, clean and free of all dirt, oil, grease, loose peeling paint, concrete sealers or curing compounds. Dry, dusty concrete walls or masonry should be dampened and excess water swept off. Installation may be made on a damp surface. All walls must be plumb and true to within ¼”(6mm) in 10 ft(3m). Expansion joints shall be provided through the tile work from all construction or expansion joints in the substrate. Follow ANSI Specification AN-3.8 “Requirements for Expansion Joints” or TCA Detail EJ171 “Expansion Joints”. Do not cover expansion joints with mortar. Glass Mesh Mortar Unit: follow TCA installation detail W244, in temperatures over 95°F (35°C). Priming for Concrete walls: (If not roughened by hacking)
    Mix LATASCREED 100 with 50% water by weight and make lump free slurry. Apply an even thickness of the slurry
    to the cleaned substrate using a brush or roller to ensure the primer is absorbed into the substrate. Each 25 kg bag of
    Latascreed 100 will cover 25 Sq. Mtrs. approximately.

    Application of POWER PLAST
    While the slurry bond coat is in wet and tacky condition, place the plaster prepared by mixing POWER PLAST with water. Spread the plaster material on wall surface and make the surface even taking enough care to check the required levels of walls and compact well. For hacked concrete surfaces, initially one rough plaster coat would help in building up thicknesses well.

    Tiling by Thin set Adhesive Method:
    Leave the compacted and finished plaster for a period of 14 days for air curing and install tiles using a suitable thin set adhesive. Grouting of tile joints can commence after 48 hours from the completion of tiling.

  • For interior and exterior wall plastering.

  • • Concrete walls & ceilings
    • Clay brick walls
    • Concrete hollow brick walls
    • Cement block walls
    • AAC Block walls