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Latex is added to varying degrees for use with different types of tiles. Adding Latex improves bond strength, water resistance, compressive strength and other physical properties of cement/sand mixes as well as grouts. It can be used as a liquid additive for

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Thin Set, Portland cement mortar mixes, underlayments for resilient flooring, thick bed mortars, levelling beds for ceramic tile and terrazzo and other applications where bonding is difficult.

Thin Set with small amounts of latex added is primarily used for large format tiles and stone tiles to help absorb flex from floors and walls. This helps prevent tiles from cracking. Thin Set with large amounts of latex added are used with glass tiles, which are unable to flex on their own. The mortar bed can also be modified with the inclusion of latex as part or all of the liquid portion of the mixture to enhance its performance and properties.

In Latex modified Portland cement mortar it is used as a bond coat for setting tile. In Thin Set cement tile-setting mortars are designed to improve adhesion, reduce water absorption, and provide greater bond strength and resistance to shock and impact. These additives allow some latitude in time, working conditions, and temperatures. Therefore, latex modified Portland cement mortar is generally required for the installation of porcelain tile. For Exterior Glue Plywood applications latex is used in a powder form for the bonding of ceramic and stone tiles to exterior glue plywood in interior or dry areas.