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  • Speciality Grouts


    There are two kinds of specialty grouts offered by MYK LATICRETE: LATAPOXY® Dazzle Grout and LATAPOXY® 2000 Industrial grout.

    Dazzle is specialty grout that is perfect for aesthetic reasons and durability. The beauty of Dazzle grout is it is available in 3 dazzling finishes – gold, silver and copper. Dazzle grouts is stan-free, strong, durable and is resistant to chemicals and temperature.

    LATAPOXY® 2000 is an industrial epoxy grout that is necessary for places where the normal grouts cannot be used. The perfect examples would be dairies, food processing units, commercial kitchens, breweries, beverage plants, pharmaceuticals, and meat packing plants. LATAPOXY® 2000 Industrial epoxy grout is resistant to strong chemicals and high temperature.