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Grouts are tile joint fillers for the space between adjoining tiles laid either on the floor or walls. Traditionally, and even at most sites today, tiling is done by placing tiles close to each other without using grouts.
Traditionally white cement is used to fill the tile joints. White cement easily breaks down due to daily maintenance which leads to dirty/ stained tile joints, water seepage and growth of fungus/ bacteria.
To overcome these problems, MYK LATICRETE has introduced an innovative range of grouts which provide stainfree tile joints, are acid/ chemical resistant, non- cracking or powdering, anti- fungal & anti- bacterial


  • Easy to apply
  • Stainfree tile joints
  • Non- cracking or powdering
  • Anti- fungal & anti- bacterial
  • Available in range of 40 colours to suit your tile colour
  • Acid/ chemical resistant (epoxy based grouts only)