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    1. What is LATICRETE® SBA 20?

     LATICRETE® SBA 20 is a   polymer modified cementitious powder that is mixed with water to form a  free-flowing adhesive slurry to fix ceramic and vitrified tiles on fresh cement based screed (Wet on wet application).

    1. Where can I use this adhesive?

    You can use LATICRETE® SBA 20 for internal and external areas like residential floors, to install ceramic / vitrified tiles.

    1. How much water is to be mixed with LATICRETE® SBA 20?

    For 20 Kg bag of LATICRETE® SBA 20, one needs 8 Liters of water. Mix water depending upon the consistency of mix required and ambient environmental conditions.

    1. Can I use this product for other type of tiles like metal tiles?

    No. For metal tile installation, use only epoxy based thin set adhesive. Seek advice from MYK LATICRETE team member for suitable adhesive for the type of metal tile used.

    1. What is the maximum size of tile that can be installed using LATICRETE® SBA 20?

    The maximum size of tile is 1500mm X 1500mm for installation with LATICRETE® SBA 20   + water. If you are installing tiles larger than this size ask MYK LATICRETE team member for a suitable thin set adhesive.

    1. Can I use LATICRETE® SBA 20 for external tile installations?


    1. Can I install Natural stones using LATICRETE® SBA 20?

    When you want to install Natural stones with LATICRETE® SBA 20, seek advice from MYK LATICRETE team member as natural stones are of various types and have absorption which may create problems like staining of stones, ugly patches, picture framing etc.,.

    1. Can I install engineered stones / Agglomerates / Quartz using LATICRETE® SBA 20?

    If the engineered stones / Agglomerates / Quartz stones have to be installed on floors, you may use LATICRETE® SBA 20. But the size of stones shall not be more than 900 mm X 900 mm. For sizes higher than this, contact MYK LATICRETE Team member for seeking advice.

    1. What are the precautions to be taken for tile stone installations without hollow sounds using LATICRETE SBA 2 ® ?

    Best   results can be obtained by using LATICRETE® SBA 20 by ensuring exact quantity of water as specified in data sheet, ensuring leveling bed to be true to plumb and very even smooth finish, using sufficient quantity of slurry adhesive to ensure 100% bonding with base screed.

    1. What alternative product can be used in case of non availability of LATICRETE® SBA 20 ?

    In case of non availability of LATICRETE® SBA 20, one can use LATICRETE®252 AG silver or higher cement based adhesive in slurry form.