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  • FAQs – LATICRETE® 290

  • 1. What is LATICRETE® 290?

    LATICRETE® 290 is cement based thin set adhesive which is mixed with water and used for tile installation in internal areas.

    2. Where can I use this adhesive?

    You can use LATICRETE® 290 for internal areas like residential floors, walls to install ceramic tiles. One can use this adhesive for installation of vitrified tiles on floors.

    3. How much water is to be mixed with LATICRETE® 307?

    For 20 Kg bag of LATICRETE® 290, one needs 5 to 6

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    Liters of water. Mix water depending upon the consistency of mix required and ambient environmental conditions.

    4. Can I use this product for other type of tiles like Vitrified and Glass mosaic tiles?

    For vitrified tiles or Glass mosaic tiles, one has to choose high polymer adhesives like LATICRETE® 252 or above. If you want to install vitrified tiles using LATICRETE® 290, mix this powder with LATICRETE® 73

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    Latex admix instead of mixing with water.

    5. What is the maximum size of tile that can be installed using LATICRETE® 290?

    The maximum size of ceramic tile is 600mm X 600mm for installation with LATICRETE® 290 + water. If you are installing tiles larger than this size ask MYK LATICRETE team member for a suitable thin set adhesive

    6. Can I use LATICRETE® 290 for external tile installations?

    For external tile installations, the thermal stresses are critical and would need adhesive to become accommodative to the movements arising from these stresses. Hence it is recommended to use LATICRETE® 73, latex admix instead of water with LATICRETE® 290, to install tiles on external surfaces.

    7. Can I install Natural stones using LATICRETE® 290?

    When you want to install Natural stones with LATICRETE® 290, seek advice from MYK LATICRETE team member as natural stones are varied and have absorption which may create problems like staining of stones, ugly patches, picture framing etc.,

    8. If I want to use LATICRETE® 290 for internal wall tiling, what is the maximum height up to which I can install tiles?

    The maximum height is 30 ft when you want to install tiles using LATICRETE® 290. For installation of tiles more than 30 ft height, please seek advice from MYK LATICRETE team member.