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  • Latex Fortified Thin-set Adhesives

  • Latex fortified thin-set adhesives are 2 component thin-set adhesives. Latex Fortified thin-set adhesives are a factory prepared blend of carefully selected raw materials, Portland cement and graded aggregates. Liquid polymers (Latex) are added to adhesive powders to increase bond strength. Best suited for Exterior and Interior installation of ceramic/ vitrified/ Porcelain/Engineered stones and Natural Stones. The exclusive Latex Fortified thin-set adhesive systems from MYK LATICRETE are designed to install tiles on walls, Dry wall boards and even existing floors.


    • High strength formula
    • Ultimate flexibility
    • Improved shock and impact resistance
    • Can withstand thermal stress
    • Easy to install – fast and economical
    • Hassle-free and long lasting