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  • FAQs – LATAPOXY® 210

  • 1.  What is LATAPOXY® 210 Modified epoxy adhesive?

    LATAPOXY® 210, modified epoxy adhesive is epoxy resin based thin set adhesive used for tile / stone installation in internal areas on dry wall boards, plastered surfaces, concrete, metals etc.

    2.  Where can I use this adhesive?

    You can use LATAPOXY® 210, modified epoxy adhesive for internal and external (Covered) areas like residential, commercial, Industrial floors and walls to install ceramic / vitrified/ glass mosaic/metal tiles and engineered marble/quartz stones, FRP based stone veneers etc.

    3.  How much water is to be mixed with LATAPOXY® 210?

    No water should be mixed with this product. It is a resin based pre-packed thin set adhesive which has three components, namely Part A, Part B and filler powder Part C. Only these components should be mixed to make a thin set adhesive.

    4. Can I use this product for other type of tiles like metal tiles?

    Yes. For metal tile installation OR ceramic / vitrified/ glass mosaic tiles on Metal surfaces, this product can be used. PLEASE DON’T USE THIS PRODUCT IF SUBSTRATE IS COPPER OR TILE IS COPPER TILE.

    5. What is the maximum size of tile that can be installed using LATAPOXY® 210, modified epoxy adhesive?

    The maximum size of tile/stone is 1500mm X 1500mm for installation with LATAPOXY® 210. If you are installing tiles larger than this size ask MYK LATICRETE team member for a suitable thin set adhesive.

    6. Can I use LATAPOXY® 210 for external tile installations?

    No. One can use LATAPOXY® 210 modified epoxy adhesive for covered areas only in case of exterior tile/stone installation. If the area is exposed to all environmental conditions, then it is not recommended to use this product.

    7. Can I install Natural stones using LATAPOXY® 210?

    Yes. When you want to install Natural stones with LATAPOXY® 210, seek advice from MYK LATICRETE team member as natural stones are of various types and have absorption which may create problems like staining of stones, ugly patches, picture framing etc.,

    8. If I want to use LATAPOXY® 210 for internal wall tiling, what is the maximum height up to which I can install tiles?

    There is no height restriction when you want to install tiles using LATAPOXY® 210. For installation of tiles more than 100 ft height, please seek advice from MYK LATICRETE team member.

    9. Can I install engineered stones / Agglomerates / Quartz using LATAPOXY® 210?

    If the engineered stones / Agglomerates / Quartz stones have to be installed on floors, you may use LATAPOXY® 210. But the size of stones shall not be more than 900 mm X 900 mm. For sizes higher than this, contact MYK LATICRETE Team member for seeking advice.

    10. What should I fill in the space between tiles on internal wall after installation with LATAPOXY® 210?

    You can use LATICRETE® cement based grout (LATICRETE® 500 series sanded grout / LATICRETE® 600 series un-sanded grout / LATICRETE® Aquashield) mixed with LATICRETE® 1776 grout admix plus for filling these spaces (Grout joints) between tiles. You may also use LATAPOXY® SP-100 stain free epoxy grout or SpectraLOCK® Pro premium grout. Seek advice from MYK LATICRETE Technical services for large areas grouting.

    11. Can I use this product for industrial floor tiling?

    Yes. This is a good product for industrial tile / stone installation on floors and walls (Internal). This product offers high chemical resistance to different chemicals like acids, alkalis etc. making this suitable for industries like Pharma, Food, Chemical etc. This is also suitable for Hospital Operation theatres, Pathology labs and clinical laboratories. For all these applications, one needs to use Industrial Epoxy Grout LATAPOXY® 2000, to fill the tile joints.