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  • Ottoseal S70

  • Ottoseal S70 Natural Stone sealant is a high performance, one component silicone sealant. It is based

    on a neutral cross linking system and vulcanizes at room temperature(RTV). Especially designed for
    marble, granite & other natural stone applications and does not stain natural stone.



    • Cartridges 310 ml – 20 units (1200 pallets)

      Alu-Foil bag 400 ml – 20 units (900 pallets)

    • Not available

    • Available in a range of colours

      • Non-staining’ of natural stone in contrast to conventional sealants
      • Available in a range of colors
      • Equipped with fungicides
      • Excellent weather-ability and very good temperature resistance
      • Excellent resistance to aging, UV radiation & chemicals
      • Very good tooling and smoothing properties
      • Primer-less adhesion to many substrates
      • Ready to use
      • Fast curing and short tack-free time
      • Low odour
      • High tensile strength and high shore-A- hardness
      • Contains no solvents, formaldehyde, CFC, PCB & PCP
      • Suitable for expansion joints in residential & commercial applications
    • Step 1

      Before applying the adhesive/sealant the user has to ensure that the building materials in the area of contact (solid, liquid and gaseous) are compatible with the adhesive/sealant and do not damage or alter (e.g. discolour) them. As for the building materials that will be used at a later stage in the surrounding area of the adhesives/sealants the user has to
      clarify beforehand that the substances of content or evaporation do not lead to an impairment or alteration (e.g. discolouration) of the adhesives / sealants. In case of doubt the user has to consult the manufacturer of the building material concerned.

      Step 2

      The joint flanks and surfaces must be clean, dry, free from fat and firm. Provide good ventilation during the application and vulcanization of Ottoseal S70. It is recommended to use OTTO Cleaner T or methylated spirit to establish clean surfaces. For natural stones that are subject to permanent wet conditions such as bathrooms or showers, apply OTTO Primer 1216 and allow a drying time for 15 minutes. Some natural stones require primer without west stress treatment. Sandstone requires a pretreatment after cleaning off loose particles with a brush.

      Step 3
      The required vulcanization time prolongs with increasing thickness of the silicone. One-part silicones must not be used for bonding applications where the silicone is supposed to be spread all over the surface except a special design is provided. If one-part silicone will be used in layers of more than 15 mm please contact our technical department.

      • Sealing of expansion joints and connection joints as well as floor joints in marble and other natural stones such as granite, gneiss, porphyry, quartzite etc.
      • Also suitable for terrazzo
      • For exterior and interior use such as kitchens, bathrooms, sanitary areas, entrance lounges, stairs and staircases.