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MYK LATICRETE LATAPRIMER is a premium quality, water-based dispersion containing acrylic polymers and selected surface activation agents, which penetrate deep into the substrate and maximize bond strength. It can be used on a wide range of substrates including Cement based plasters, gypsum based plasters, POP, etc

• Effective in sealing pores in substrate
• Improves coverage / adhesion of paints
• Can be used for internal & external applications
• Economical & saves paint cost
Areas of Application:
• Interior & exterior areas • Concrete
• Cement Plaster • Cement based wall putty
• Gypsum based wall putty • Acrylic Based wall putty
• Cement Backer Boards* • Gypsum Wall boards* with paper face
• Calcium Silicate Boards*
* Consult backer board manufacturer for specific installation recommendations and to verify acceptability for interior / exterior use.