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  • Meeting the world’s increasing demand for new age, technologically advanced Tile & Stone installation products creates tremendous challenges — as well as a highly stimulating work environment. You’ll have opportunities to explore new directions within the company; travel, live and work around the world; and apply your skills across the full spectrum of the business – from innovation to production, to environmentally friendly products and emerging solutions to sales and marketing. Supporting you in these endeavours is a pool of the finest talent, committed and dedicated to the Company’s vision.

    At MYK LATICRETE, we put people at the centre of everything we do — from protecting their safety & health and the environment to helping them succeed. No matter where you are on your career path, MYK LATICRETE offers continued education and training to help you cultivate your skills and expand your horizons within a truly global and collaborative workplace.

    Business and Leadership Training

    Once you are hired on at MYK LATICRETE, your success and ours is linked. You’re encouraged to take the reins to drive your career along your chosen path, and we offer several ways to help you get there. We believe imparting varied exposure & experience together with constantly developing your relevant skill-sets will equip you to achieve your career goals.

    Class Room Training:

    Training and development programs begin on your first day and continue throughout your career. There are various in-house training programs such as “Profit Thru Knowledge”, “Passport to Success” along with interaction with the user community such as Architects, Masons etc., which will facilitate you to be business-ready from day one of your work life. In addition to training, MYK LATICRETE also offers a whole range of personal development opportunities that can be tailored to your specific goals.

    Professional Development:

    We are committed to the ongoing development of each one of our people, whether it’s in a current role, as a potential leader, or as a seasoned manager. Performing well will lead to opportunities to take on new and more challenging roles. Depth of experience is about developing professional skills through performing and practicing your role. We’ll encourage you to build this depth of skill early in your career to provide a solid basis for further progression.